Our company Allmatics provides software development services developing Web applications, CRM/ERP systems, Mobile applications, Web portals, SaaS products for Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Agritech, Travel and many others. 

We know you would be satisfied working with us because of list of reasons which differ us from other outsourcing companies:

✅ Transparency 

As a number of outsourcing companies we are working on T&M model (Time & Material), when we charge our clients for hours which were actually spent in a project), with small but very important difference – we do budgeting of future project/product for all of our clients at before we start working on the project. Our experience . This means we provide minimal and maximum hours estimations our client would need to invest in the product development. This means that the client could be confident that there is a budget enough for the project and the budget won’t dramatically grow in 2 or 3 times after 1-2 months of working.

✅ Honesty

We don’t cover the progress of software development from the client. We do inform our clients about all the activities in the projects, provide plans for future steps and honestly inform about all difficulties and issues we might have in the process, because based on our experience this is always cheaper and easier to communicate the problems at the beginning than to cover issues and deal with serious problems in the end.

✅ Professionalism

Our team has been working in the IT field for more than 15 years. We have successfully delivered hundreds of projects. In case we don’t have enough available specialists at the moment or we do need more or there is a need to get the team of experienced developers specialised in rare technology, we do have a wide networking and would be able to find the right and reliable team. Our Founder & CEO, Bogdan Kyrychenko, is Certified Project Director (Level A) by International Project Management Association, one of 39 certified project directors for the whole Ukraine (UPMA.A.01.00032). You may check his certificates by the link:


✅ Individual approach

We allocate the project manager / business analyst in each project, even when there is just one developer needed. The purpose is to understand the clients needs as deep as we can, influence the software development from our side and as a result to map business needs into final product functionality. Our Founder & CEO participate in every single project and have regular communications with Allmatics’ clients and guarantees the projects quality and deliveries in time.

✅ Flexibility

All our clients are different people from different countries from different time zones and cultures. We have clients from Alaska and Canada, from Japan and New Zealand with 10 and 11 hours difference in both ways (plus and minus from our working schedule). We know how to work flexible hours finding common time for meetings and collaboration with clients. 

✅ Proactivity 

Almost all of our clients are always busy with their business lives, but we found an approach and know how to be proactive. This means we initiate calls and meetings in case we need the information or inputs from our clients in order to make project delivery in time helping our clients to think and answer our questions during the conference calls.

✅ Product and business oriented approach

We are not just doing what the client says to do. We dive deep inside the client’s business processes, analyze the processes, make conclusions about difficulties and bus factors, understand what functionality has to be developed and implemented, what kind of architecture have we use to make the service happen and answer the question of how client’s business could benefit from such an software automatization. Then we provide a complex solution.

✅ Contribution and focusing on client’s result

We are motivated by our clients’ business growth and satisfaction. This would definitely mean we would have great friendly relations forever, we would have more projects, we would have recommendations for new potential clients and as a result could have more opportunities for development of our IT expertise and gather new interesting project references to our portfolio.

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